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Terry Sustar

Enrolled Agent
Tax Accountant

Currently, Mr. Sustar is licensed in all 50 states as an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. He has extensive experience with Corporate, Partnership, Small Business, and Personal tax return planning and preparation. He prepared his first tax return in 1974 and has been helping clients with tax planning and preparing tax returns ever since.

He sponsors local seminars educating retirees and pre-retirees on a variety of topics including: How to maximize their Social Security benefits by choosing the proper time and way to take those benefits, how to possibly reduce or eliminate taxation of Social Security benefits, IRA distribution planning, Tax Code changes, and other tax saving topics.

His main objective is serving the tax planning and preparation interests of his clients. Terry is well known for his professional experience and commitment to taxation planning and working with, and advising, financial planners on the tax aspects of setting up their clients financial plans . He attended Tampa College in St Petersburg, Florida working on an accounting and business major. He started his career as a financial representative working exclusively with retirees and moved into staff management shortly thereafter.

Terry is a member of the National Society of Tax Professionals, National Association of Enrolled Agents, and The Ohio State Society of Enrolled Agents (OSSEA). As President of DataView Tax Services, Inc., a family owned tax preparation firm in Wooster, Ohio, he has a unique perspective on how retirement plans and taxation work together.

Terry has been an Advisory Board Member of the Wayne County Pregnancy Care Center, a board member of local church. and He is currently serving as a board member and treasurer of a Non-Profit Ballet Education Institution in Wayne County. He served as a Training Officer for nine years on the Wayne County Underwater Search and Rescue Dive Team - a volunteer fire and rescue organization for his county.

Terry’s hobbies include scuba diving, hunting, and the martial arts. He is also a musician, playing keyboard with his church worship team, and has functioned as a leader, or a member, of worship teams for over twenty-five years. His joy comes from living life to the fullest, spending time with his family and his eleven grand-children. And, more importantly, teaching them to do the same.


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