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Our Primary Purpose

Sustar Financial Group has been assisting retirees with their wealth protection planning for over three decades. Retirement planning starts with the accumulation phase. During this time of your life you are accumulating and growing your investments. When you reach pre-retirement and retirement, you are then in Phase 2. This is the distribution phase of your life – the wealth protection planning and distribution phase. It’s been compared to the climb down the mountain after you’ve reached the top. Phase 2 takes a totally different approach and process to financial planning than Phase 1. If you use the same techniques and strategies in Phase 2 that you used in Phase 1 (which many advisors do) you could cause yourself unnecessary grief. Although we can, and do, work with those in Phase 1, Sustar Financial Group specializes in Phase 2 planning and all of the distinct strategies that Phase 2 planning requires.

Things we don't do:

We do not recommend putting all your money in any one product. There are many firms that are licensed only in Life and Health Insurance that can only sell you annuities. There are other firms who can only recommend mutual funds. In most cases, we find that one product alone is not the best course of action. In contrast, we attempt to preserve your retirement wealth while providing you with a lifetime stream of income using a blended, personalized combination of many different types of products – including annuities where needed.

We do not create “cookie-cutter” financial plans – using the same investments and products for everyone. When you walk through our door we see you as a unique individual. Like a fingerprint, no two are exactly alike. So why should your financial plan look just like somebody else’s? We create a personalized plan designed exclusively for you - addressing your needs, goals, and desires.

   Our Team

Jason Sustar

Investment Advisor Representative

Jason originally started his career in 1996 as a tax preparer. Soon afterward he joined Sustar Financial Group to work alongside his dad, Terry Sustar, offering pre-retirees and retirees comprehensive financial plans and helping them...

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Terry Sustar

Enrolled Agent | Tax Accountant

Currently, Mr. Sustar is licensed in all 50 states as an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. He has extensive experience with Corporate, Partnership, Small Business, and Personal tax return planning and preparation. He prepared his first tax...
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